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Hi, I'm Lauren

{ElleTwo & The High Rise} 



Yes, you can call me L2. Everyone does. It’s a thing. 

I was the second Lauren on a team, and it just stuck. My clients, colleagues and friends all use it, so go for it. 

My background is in behavioral health administration and digital health. I run a telehealth consulting company and work in Ecosystem Development for a mental health start up. 

In March 2021, I left the job that I planned to retire at because something just wasn’t right. I wasn’t happy there despite thinking that I was making good money and working for someone who would bend over backward for me. 

What I learned is that I had a lot of work to do on myself to figure out what I was so miserable there. It was the job, yes, but it was a global issue with my own thought processes that let me accept less than what I deserved because someone else told me it was good for me. 

It wasn’t. 

I started to network during my transition because I realized that I had been in a vacuum for the previous 10 years while building my companies. The more women that I met, the more they identified with the story that I was telling. I wasn’t happy because something was missing, and I wasn’t sure what that was. 

So many female professionals felt unsatisfied, unfulfilled and unappreciated in their roles. I wanted to dig into that more. 

Through my own writing, course creation, group creation and virtual coffees, I realized that what I was saying was only special in that other people were hesitant to say it because they, like me, thought the problem was them. 

The problem was that women are taught to take their worth from the opinions of others rather than inherently believing that they are worth all of it and more without external validation. 

I’m still a work in progress, and I will be forever, but I love to cheerlead other women into finding their power. I think a network of women who are on that journey together, all at different stages in the process, is an amazing concept that we haven’t seen before in the professional space. 

This is not about pumpkin spice lattes, farm house chic and infinity scarves, though you are totally allowed to love each of those things. 

This is about showing up as a whole person, cracks and all, and working together until we don’t need a group about the experiences of women professionals. We’re just professionals. 

Why The High Rise? 


The High Rise is about more than just networking. 

There is, of course, our cornerstone community, The Glass Boardroom, where women professionals in all industries can meet, share and support each other. We don’t want to shatter the ceiling. We want a whole new room. 

Our education series, Build Your Better, features the work of women experts in a variety of fields, and is built from the contributions of our members. It’s an opportunity for us to learn from each other every day. 

Our feature series, Women of The High Rise, highlights one woman’s work, achievements and perseverance every week. Features are by nomination only, and they exemplify what it’s like to be a professional woman in 2021. 

Of course, this isn’t all. 2022 will welcome Mastermind classes, coaching programs, book series and more. 

The sky is the limit when women support other women. Come join is in our space in the cloud. 


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