The sky is the limit when women support one another.


Welcome to our space in the clouds, The High Rise. 

This is a community built for women and femme-identifying persons - inclusive of all orientations and regardless of gender presentation.  We represent working professionals who are looking for a non-curated version of professional social media.  It’s where we share both our wins and losses, our good days and bad days, our triumphs and our tribulations.  It’s where we can learn from diverse voices and experts in our fields who have been where you are, and know the way out.  We’re so excited to have you.

Here's what you can expect:


Develop long-lasting friendships, support other phenomenal women and expand your network.


Personal development is a vital part of individual growth. Grow at your pace with online courses.


Imagine your own personal fan club rooting you on and celebrating your wins. It's what your life is missing.

Who We Are

The Culture

The High Rise by ElleTwo is a welcome environment for all women and femme-identifying persons to find community, fellowship and commonality. We do not expect or even desire perfection. It’s a space for authenticity, transparency and glorified imperfections. Come as you actually are. 

Take Note

What you won't find here

You won’t find perfect people. You won’t find only good days. You won’t find curated versions of womanhood, motherhood or personhood. You will not find a captive audience for sales pitches and job searches. You will find a group of women willing to accept you as you are as long as that is authentic, transparent and genuine. 

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The High Rise

The High Rise is our paid community. It's for those who are ready for more. Courses, masterminds, events and more.

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The High Rise


  • Members-only Slack community.  Real-time communication with like-minded professionals who will encourage and cheer you on. Priceless.
  • Build Your Better courses. A course series from women experts in different specialties. 
  • Daily content prompts. Content topics curated for your social channels.
  • Strategy sessions. Sessions for business, branding, interviewing and speaking.

 We ask you to apply to keep this space safe, friendly and bot free.

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What People Are Saying


"I’m always blown away by Lauren (ElleTwo). Her transparency and genuine desire to see women succeed is outstanding. Excited for more.

Megan Kelly

CEO Mompreneur Nation

"I'm genuinely happy to support. More people need to open their ears to your thought procvess, it could help them so much!

Kimberley Buchanan

Operations Management

"It is SO amazing. Your course is so inspiring and educational with so much value - I took notes that I know I'll continue to revisit.

Alexis K. Fernandez, M.S.


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This is where your high rise begins.

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